Bush Kinder

In today’s modern society we understand that families are busy and opportunities for free outdoor play is limited.   We also recognise that as a society we are seeing an increase in our reliance upon technology. Bush kinder gives families and children an opportunity to address these changes, by offering a high quality early childhood program where young children attend a weekly kinder session in a bush setting.

The benefits of a bush kinder program include significant rise in improved personal, social and emotional development (Ofsted 2008 Learning outside the classroom).  It supports young children to develop responsibility for themselves and others, increases resilience and encourages appropriate risk taking.  

The Department of Education and Training acknowledge that ‘the development of bush kinders reflects the mounting body of evidence that outdoor activities such as exploring natural environments, are beneficial to children and contribute to improving children’s health and wellbeing’.  Our national curriculum ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ recognises ‘that children need to be connected with and contribute to their world’ (outcome 2) and the  National Quality Standards identify the need to build connections with the local community.   

Research tells us that children who spend more time outdoors in nature are happier, healthier, stronger, smarter and more social.  (White 2004 Young Children’s Relationship with Nature).

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