Our Educators

In 2023 Langwarrin Park Preschool has fourteen staff members employed by the committee of management to work with your child and to ensure the smooth running of the preschool. All of our staff members have different backgrounds and levels of experience which means that there is a wealth of ideas and knowledge available to benefit your child. Our staff are committed to providing the highest possible standard of education for our students.

With the introduction of the 15 hours of preschool and new adult/child rations over the last few years, the number of staff working with our four year old groups is now: one teacher holding a Bachelor of Teaching degree, one educator holding a Diploma of Early Childhood Education, and one educator (formally preschool assistant) with a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or equivalent.

“The most important thing that we want for your child is to have a happy, productive and fun learning experience.
Whilst at preschool the children are constantly learning through play, interactions and experiences. We base our program on the children’s interests and provide activities that are suitable for each individual.
All children develop at different rates and we do not have a set level that the children must attain by the end of the year, Rather, we aim to provide an environment where the child’s natural curiosity and desire to play and learn is encouraged. The preschool year is one of informal learning where ideas are fostered and interests are developed and expanded upon. Your child’s development is challenged daily without pressure and at their own rate. Because of this we do not provide formal assessments but we are ALWAYS happy to talk to you about your child’s development at nay time throughout the year.
We believe that by having respectful, open and collaborate relationships with the parents we will be able to offer the best education for your child. Parents are welcome at preschool at all times, and we are always available to talk to you about your child – you only need to ask and make a time.”


have just recently obtained my Bachelor in Early Childhood Education. For five years I have been an Educator at Langwarrin Park Preschool. I am passionate about children, art, craft, culture and travel.


I have been Diploma qualified since 2018. I started at Langwarrin Park Preschool in August 2018.
I enjoy baking, travelling and being outside 


I have recently completed my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) and look forward to beginning my teaching career at Langwarrin Park Preschool this year. I really enjoy teaching the early years and seeing the children discover the joy of learning. I look forward to supporting the children on their journey through kindergarten. I enjoy spending time with my husband and two young children and travelling to new places.


I have a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) and have been working in the Early Childhood Sector for 21 years. I love working with children, and I’m passionate about making a positive difference in children’s lives. I started teaching at Langwarrin Park Preschool in July 2021. Outside of kindergarten l love going for long walks, yoga and spending time with my 2 children. 


I have the equivalent  to a Certificate 3.

I have very happily been an Educator for 20 years at Langwarrin Park Preschool. I am passionate about family and early education for children.


I have  a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. I have been an Educator for 15 years, firstly at Langwarrin Preschool, then at Langwarrin Park Preschool. I am passionate that all children are supported to learn, physically, mentally & emotionally.


I graduated  from The University Of Melbourne in 1995 and I have been teaching at Langwarrin Park Preschool since 2016. I love my job, and I love to make a difference. I am passionate about supporting children and their families through the early years. I enjoy going to the beach and making memories with my family.


I have a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. I have been an Educator for 9 years and at Langwarrin Park for a little over 8 years. I enjoy bush walking, camping and the beach.


I have been in the Children Services Industry for 20 years, working in Long Day Care Services, Occasional Care and Sessional Preschool. 

I have my Bachelor in Early Childhood Teaching and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I am dedicated and passionate about ‘making learning fun’ for all children.  


I have a Certificate in Child Care. I have been an Educator for over 30 years!! I have been at Langwarrin Park since 2017.
I enjoy baking, yoga, shopping for a bargain and making every child feel valued and confident.


I have a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and have been working at  Langwarrin Park Preschool for 9 years. Previously I worked another centre for  2 years as an Educator  and additional assistant at another kinder. Before that I had worked at a child care centre for 4 years. I am passionate about Art, creativity and enjoy making wonderful memories with my family. 


I achieved my Diploma of Children’s Services in 2008. I am a mum to two young children. Summer is my favourite season and heading down to the beach 


I am Langwarrin Park Preschool’s Office Manager and have been with the kinder for nearly 13 years. My 3 adult children all attended this kindergarten and while they continued on with their education throughout primary, secondary and now further studies, I chose to stay where my heart is – at kinder!


Volunteer Assistant