What to Bring to Preschool

Each child needs to bring a bag that is big enough to carry a lunchbox, drink bottle and artwork (there will be lots of it). Please ensure your child’s bag is clearly marked with his/her name. Please keep a complete change of clothes in your child’s bag including underpants and socks – all should be marked with your child’s name.

It is very important that your child is dressed appropriately for preschool. Sensible clothing and footwear ensures that children can interact with messy materials, run, climb and play. We do provide smocks for messy play but as we all know children have a way of getting that paint on whatever spot is uncovered! As the children will be doing a great deal of climbing, running and playing outdoors safe shoes are essential. Thongs, crocs and shoes with heels are not permitted at preschool. The preschool does have clothes and hats with our logo on them that are available to order at the AGM.

Most children will need to bring their lunch, a snack and water bottle to preschool every session. Your teacher will chat with you about this at the welcoming session for your group in early February.
Langwarrin Park Preschool has a nutrition and active play policy that outlines our guidelines for healthy eating at preschool. The full policy is available in the policy manual kept at the preschool, however a brief summary and examples of healthy snacks can be found below.
We promote healthy eating choices. No junk food or cordial is to be brought to the preschool. If we find that children enrolled at the preschool have an allergy to eggs or wheat, we will request that no egg cartons or cereal boxes be brought into the preschool.
Langwarrin Park Preschool aims to be allergy aware. There are children each year who are enrolled at our preschool who have allergies to nuts and other foods. These allergies can be life threatening. Consequently, no food items contacting nuts should be brought into the preschool. This includes peanut butter and Nutella. Should other foods need to be excluded in a particular year we will let you know at the start of that year.

“Children continue to learn new skills and ideas about food when eating outside the home. They can be involved in preparing their lunch box and helping their families/carers make healthy lunches and snacks. Preparing meals together is a great opportunity to give children positive messages about nutrition, such as ‘milk makes your bones strong’ or ‘bread gives you energy to play’. Snacks are an important park of a child’s food intake for energy and nutrients. What children eat is more important than when they eat. Children who snack on lollies and chips may not get all the nutrients needed for good health. Langwarrin Park Preschool provides families/carers with information and suggestions about healthy eating for their children’s lunches and snack for preschool.’
Langwarrin Park Preschool Nutrition and Active Play Policy Introduction

Our policy aims to:
Encourage children to engage in physical activity through active play.
Encourage children to drink an adequate amount of water.
Encourage families to provide healthy, nutritious foods for preschool snacks and meals including fruits and vegetables.

Every child’s appetite and tastes vary however examples of healthy and nutritious snack and lunch items include:
Rice crackers
Dry Biscuits

Please do not send chips, chocolate or lollies to preschool for snacks and lunch. The children will learn that these are ‘sometimes foods’ and we will reserve ‘sometimes foods’ for special occasions during the year.

The children are only permitted to bring water to drink at preschool. At your welcoming session in February your preschool teacher will discuss food and drink, snack and lunch routines, and how much food to pack each session. Investing in a good quality drink bottle and lunch box that is easy to open and operate by your child is a worthy investment for the preschool year.